Lists on forms are just lists in a Tab Component on the Page.

Below is a example of the EditUserPage.js file.

import GroupMembers from 'src/components/GroupMember/GroupMembers'
import { Fragment } from 'react'
import EditUserCell from 'src/components/User/EditUserCell'
import Preferences from 'src/components/Preference/Preferences'
import { Tabs, TabList, Tab, TabPanel, TabPanels } from '@chakra-ui/react'
const EditUserPage = ({ id }) => {
return (
<EditUserCell id={id} />
<Tabs isLazy variant="enclosed">
<Tab>Group Members</Tab>
<GroupMembers initialQuery={`{"userId": ${id}}`} />
<Preferences initialQuery={`{"userId": ${id}}`} />

export default EditUserPage