Low to no cost.
Accessible automation.
For anyone.
With smart permissions.

Have an idea for a new project? Does getting the access, business logic, and automation drag on? Tskr is a tool that makes it easy to get started with your project. It's free, and it's open source.

Roles and Permissions

Don't sweat the permissions, with Tskr, we got you covered. Just set it and forget it.

Everything has a place

We've made decisions on where things go so you don't have to.

Developer Experience

React, GraphQL, Storybook, and Jest. These are the things we use to improve the developer experience.

Quick Start

First, get a database over on Heroku, Railway, or Supabase.

Next, copy that database URL into the DATABASE_URL environment variable.

Something like this.

# Clone the repo
$ git clone https://github.com/tskrio/tskr.git

# Change directory to the repo
$ cd Tskr

# install the dependencies
$ yarn install

# Run it locally
$ yarn rw dev

Ready for Tskr?