This document is a little out of date as lists have been rewritten some to conform with the custom generators. - JB 2022-01-26

A better title might be tables.

The TableComponent takes a number of props and then passes that data into react-table.


  • title - The title on the list
  • columns - The columns to include
  • data - The data to present
  • queries - Includes the DELETEMUTATION to allow deletes from the list, and the QUERY for refetching but that doesn't seem to work yet.
  • routes - Determines where you go when you click on New Record, and Edit
  • display - Controls what is displayed as the title attribute of New Record and Edit. This is seen as a hoverover now.
  • roles - Controls what buttons you see depending on the deleteRecord, createRecord, editRecord roles defined.
  • queryVariables - Not used as it depends on QUERY working with refetches.
  • count - used to display the number of results
  • enableSearch - controls if the search field is on the page
  • table - used to read the logged in users
  • setSearchInput - function used to update the search input for current list
  • searchInput - the search input for the current list

Search / Filtering

Search works but still needs improvement at the query it shows is rough. The search box will search fields defined in the service file.


We have pagination, but like search it could be improved.

Sort (click the heading of a column)

This is all set and is working.


This works

Header actions

This works, to sort columns that allow it and weather or not the column is displayed.

Cell actions

This works, to build filters, and copy data.