Add an API Property

API properties are used to define the properties of the api-side of this service.

So far I've come up against the following problem and this is how I solved it. I have a rule that emails users when they create an account. I don't want to email users when I'm working on my fork, so I'm going to add a property to the rule that will prevent it from being sent.

API Properties are just record on the property table.

To access them in rules you can do a direct query. Below is code from a rule I use before I send an email.

Setting properties

Just create or update a record.

Reading properties

  1. Update the ./api/src/rule/users/emailUserWelcome.js file.

    import { logger } from 'src/lib/logger'
    import { db } from 'src/lib/db'
    let Mailgun = require('mailgun-js')
    module.exports = {
    // ... hiding props for brevity
    command: async function ({ record }) {
    try {
    if ('')) return { record }
    let activeProperty = await{
    where: { entity: 'email' },
    if (activeProperty.value !== 'active') return { record }
    let apiKey = await{
    where: { entity: 'MAILGUN_API_KEY' },
    apiKey = apiKey.value
    let domain = await{
    where: { entity: 'MAILGUN_DOMAIN' },
    domain = domain.value
    let mailgun = new Mailgun({ apiKey, domain })
    let email =
    let name =
    // email the user
    } catch (e) {
    return await incomingData
    // properties of rule